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Signing up is easy, and we have several ways to do it.

  • Call us to reserve a spot and pay at the time of your first class
  • Drop by the dojo to sign-up and pay*
  • Use the form below to sign up and pay online, safely and securely, using the PayPal payment gateway. You may use your PayPal account, or pay with your debit or credit card.

We will send an email confirming your purchase, along with a choice of days and class times available to new white belt students, according to their age. (To check out class times before purchasing, visit our Class Schedule page to see what days and times are available to you). Make sure to come in about 10 minutes early, on any of the scheduled white belt class times for your age group, and we will fit you for a uniform (Gi), and have you fill out our school paperwork.

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* Until the dojo is open, you can stop in to sign-up and pay on weekday afternoons from October 1st until our opening mid October.