All American Karate School

Be Better Than You Were Before

All American Karate School (AAKS), has proudly been teaching individuals and families in the US since 1983. After 33 years in our West Coast California location, we are excited to open our sister school in beautiful Chautauqua County, New York.

Our comprehensive, 10 belt system, includes classes for pee wee’s (ages 3 ½ – 5), children (ages 5 –12), and adults (13 and over), and progresses from beginner belt levels (Yellow and White), all the way through Shodan (Black Belt) and beyond.

Our goals focus on teaching our students a set curriculum of skills and techniques, which are then incorporated into self-defense moves. This base of skills and self-defense, lead to our ultimate goals of self-control, self-discipline and in turn self-confidence. Our motto, “Be Better Than You Were Before”, puts these goals within reach for people of all ages and of all physical abilities.

Our month-to-month tuition fees (yes, there are no contracts to sign), and family oriented approach, make our school the perfect fit for our community.

We welcome you to visit our new 4,000 sq/ft facility, in Ashville, NY where you can come in to chat about class options, stay to observe one of our many classes, and then join in the fun and begin your journey to a fitter, more confident You!